Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Six Flags Announces La Ronde to Open May 22nd

© La Ronde
La Ronde, located in Quebec, Canada, has announced that it has received clearance to open with rides and attractions on May 22nd.  The park is the last of Six Flags' properties to be allowed to reopen as a full theme park, so the operator is understandably excited.  Park officials are also excited to get back to the business of fun, as La Ronde Park President Sophie Emond noted that “This is a great day for our team. We are thrilled to reopen Quebec’s leading destination for thrills and family fun.” 

La Ronde will reopen with a limited daily attendance amount and will utilize reservations to stay within Quebec's reopening guidelines.  The park will also follow other safety measures already in place at operating Six Flags parks.

© La Ronde
Fans of La Ronde will be excited to get back on the park's selection of rides, which includes Goliath, seen above.  It's been a long time since they've been able to thrill passengers!


Back before the pandemic La Ronde announced the addition of Vipere, which was Green Lantern: First Flight at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Like most new for 2020 attractions it was delayed, but I no longer see mention of it on La Ronde's website, so it is unclear if the coaster will be coming in 2022 or if it has been cancelled.