Sunday, March 21, 2021

Stunt Pilot's Track is Being Placed at Silverwood Theme Park

© Silverwood Theme Park

Nothing says spring like new coaster track placement!  That is what Silverwood Theme Park has been doing the past couple weeks with Stunt Pilot, their new Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor style roller coaster. 

The first piece of track (up top) was lifted into place earlier this month, showing off the wonderful contrast between the white track and those cherry red supports.  This is going to be one slick looking coaster when it opens this summer!

© Silverwood Theme Park

It wasn't long before more track was being installed - I believe this is the sharp climb up into the elevated S-curve that is at the far end of the ride.  When completed the single-rail coaster will stand around 106 feet tall, so there's plenty more distance to go up from here!  And speaking of, these photos are actually over a week old, so there is a good chance that even more of the ride is already up.  We will have to stay tuned for more photos from the park.