Thursday, March 25, 2021

Clementon Lake Park Purchased by New Indiana Beach Owners at Auction

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It is being reported that there was a very positive outcome at the recent auction of Clementon Amusement park - the Philly Inquirer and Ford County Record (among others) are reporting that the owners of Indiana Beach, who saved that park last year, swooped in and bid high enough to be the new owners of Clementon and all its assets.  It is reported that the park went for $2.37 million, plus other fees making the total purchase around $2.6 million.

The Ford County Record references a press released put out by Gene Staples, the now owner of both classic amusement parks, noting that Clementon came to their attention in February and they were lucky enough to put in the high bid for the park.  He plans to use the knowledge he gained last year reopening Indiana Beach in order to bring Clementon and Splash World back to life.

It sounds like right now the immediate plan is to get Clementon back up to shape to welcome visitors, with Splash World possibly opening as soon as Memorial Day.  The rest of the park is planned to be opened as soon as possible, it sounds.  Obviously since the purchase just took place this week there will be changes in the plans, but it sounds like Clementon may have a bright future once again after all.

Clementon Lake Park is one of the oldest traditional amusement parks in the country, dating back to 1907 when it got its start as a trolley park.