Monday, March 15, 2021

Interest Shown to Reopen Clementon Park after Park Goes to Auction

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It was recently revealed that Clementon Amusement Park will be going to the auction block on March 23rd, with the property to be sold for redevelopment or possibly to continue as an amusement park.  The fate of the park depends on the plans of the high bidder at the upcoming auction, but at least one potential buyer has stepped forward to clarify that they intend to keep the park open as an amusement park should they be the successful bidder.

According to this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer Fresh Development LLC is trying to raise around $7 million to purchase the park at the auction and then reinvest in it, with the goal of having it open again by this summer.  According to the developers, they expect the park to be sold for around $2.5 to $3 million, with additional funds they hope to raise going toward getting the park open again.

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The developers feel that the park could see 170k visitors this year and generate as much as $7.5 million in revenues.  They would also like to build a hotel on the property to make the park more of a weekend getaway for visitors.

While the future of the property remains to be seen it is positive to see at least one bidder make their plans to keep it as a park public.  The article also mentions that at least six other potential bidders had toured the property, and their plans are not yet public.  Stay tuned as more information will inevitably come out after the auction takes place.