Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Want to Own Clementon Amusement Park? Now is Your Chance


Clementon Amusement Park and Splash World, which closed suddenly near the end of the 2019 season, is going to be auctioned off soon, either in parts or as a whole.  The park is now offered on Capital Recovery Group's website, as it appears the park defaulted on a bank loan which means it will now be sold to recover as much of the loan amount as possible.  The company will hold an inspection day of the New Jersey based park on March 19th for potential buyers, and the actual auction will take place on March 23rd.

The park was purchased by Premier Parks, LLC toward the end of 2011, and operated each year until a sudden closure in September of 2019.  At that time the closure made the news often, as many people still had events planned at the park that year and little information was being given by the park about their future plans.  As we well know the pandemic set in at the start of the next year, and the park has remained closed since.

I would safely imagine that Premier Parks looked for a company to purchase the park from them to assist with the loans they had taken out on it, but it would appear there were no takers at the time.  Now, as a last resort, the property will be auctioned off.


The listing notes that the park sits on 52 acres and includes 23 acres of  a spring fed lake.  It also highlights that the property is already sub-divided into separate lots for "easy redevelopment" - does not bode well for the property to continue to operate as a park.  

The park offers a selection of rides and attractions that can be purchased at the auction.  This includes Hellcat, a S&S wooden coaster, Ferris wheel, Carousel, Sea Dragon, Ring of Fire and a bunch of water park attractions including some newer trap door slides.

Clementon Park dates back to 1907 and was one of the oldest parks in the country at the time it closed.  Here is a look at the park from back in 2014 when we visited.