Sunday, February 28, 2021

Peppa Pig Theme Park Coming to Legoland Florida Resort in 2022

© Legoland Florida

Now we all know just exactly what Legoland Florida submitted plans for late last year!  A mystery at the time, we correctly speculated that a separate gate might be opening next to Legoland Florida, and it has now been announced that the Peppa Pig Theme Park will open in 2022.

The Peppa Pig Theme Park will be a totally separate attraction at the Legoland Florida Resort, not an extension of the existing theme park in any way.  "This all-new theme park will feature multiple rides, interactive attractions, themed playscapes and water play areas—complete with “muddy puddles” of course—and fun live shows daily."


© Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida has released some basic concept art for portions of the park, pretty stylized at this point.  Above is the theme park's main gate - of course none of the park's theme will make any sense if you haven't watched the show before.  If you have small kids then you probably have bumped into the program before.


© Legoland Florida

As for the full roster of rides and attractions, the park's hasn't released that level of detail just yet.  But you can be sure that all attractions will be squarely aimed at small kids and their families.  The park looks to serve as a compliment to Legoland Florida in the sense that it will entertain even younger kids than the theme park proper since the Peppa Pig franchise is aimed at preschoolers.

More details about the park will be released through the year as the opening draws closer.  You can stay up to date on the Peppa Pig Theme Park's website as well.