Saturday, February 13, 2021

Silverwood Theme Park Continues Stunt Pilot Updates

© Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park is doing an awesome job of keeping fans up to date on the fabrication and construction of Stunt Pilot, the park's new for 2021 roller coaster.  Without many new coasters going up this year (understandably), it's easier to focus on each of the new projects - and the park is making that very simple for us!

Stunt Pilot, which is one of Rocky Mountain Construction's Raptor rides, recently had some of its first supports installed, seen in the photo above.  The ride will have bold red supports and a crisp white track, a great color scheme sure to make the ride stand out. 

© Silverwood Theme Park

While we haven't seen any of that white track installed just yet, we can be sure that it has arrived at Silverwood Theme Park from Rocky Mountain Construction in this update the park shared.  Stunt Pilot features a single-rail track that requires less supports than typical coaster track, making the ride appear a little more intimidating - in a good way of course!

© Silverwood Theme Park

The park has also shared a photo of the Stunt Pilot trains being fabricated.  I'm loving the bold red being used on them as well!  Raptor style coasters from RMC utilize single in-line seating that features a lower center of gravity to provide a smooth and thrilling ride.  The coaster will feature two trains when it opens, each seating ten guests at a time.

Weather of course is a factor this time of year, but perhaps we'll see some track installed on those supports before long!