Friday, November 3, 2017

What's New for Kentucky Kingdom's 2018 Season Revealed

© Kentucky Kingdom
Kentucky Kingdom is continuing its path of expansion by announcing several new rides and attractions for the park's 2018 season.  The park had another great season in 2017, averaging 9,000 visitors a day during peak periods.  The developers behind the rebirth of the park have proudly invested $70 million in the park since it reopened in 2014.

Next year's additions will include the Rock 'n' Roller, which looks like a smaller, family style Himalaya flat ride.  It looks to be completely outdoors instead of under cover like the larger models, which gives riders an unobstructed view while rocking and rolling in an undulating circular motion.

© Kentucky Kingdom
The park previously announced that the original Enterprise ride would be leaving the park at the end of the 2017 season, and now we have a thrilling replacement for it.  Know as Scream Xtreme, the replacement is a modern take on the classic Enterprise, an Endeavour from Zamperla rides.  Passengers will sit in floorless cars as the ride circles them high in the sky, inverting them when the arm reaches its maximum height.  The concept is the same as the Enterprise, but the floorless, open vehicles provide a much more thrilling experience.

Next season Kentucky Kingdom will also continue to make major refurbishments to their Thunder Run wooden roller coaster.  The goal is to keep the ride running as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Finally, two new shows will be featured at the park's 5-D theater, and new amenities, such as more cabanas in the water park and shaded seating throughout both parks, will be added.