Monday, November 20, 2017

Time to Burn? Check Out Intamin's New Website

© Intamin
On a slow news day, much like today, it's nice to share news of something that may not be news per se, but still quite interesting nonetheless.  Intamin has a new website, or at least one that's new to me.  I don't know exactly when it launched, but it's filled with great information and photos on many of their rides and attractions.

Intamin is celebrating their 50th anniversary right now, quite an accomplishment so many congratulations to them, and has updated their company profile to reflect the milestone.   That catalogue alone should fill up a bit of your time!

© Intamin
You can browse through each of their various ride types, from coasters to free falls and just about everything in between.  The company has highlighted many of their significant projects, and each one also has links to other documents such as ride spec sheets and more.  It's really a lot to look through, but a great way to learn more about one of everyone's favorite amusement ride manufacturers.

© Intamin
One other item to point out is Intamin's reference guide, which can be downloaded directly via this link.  It gives a list of all contracts the company has signed, by ride type and by year.  This document is a gold mine for fans of the company, showing statistics on all the fantastic rides they've created.  Plus there are specific ride type details as well, for example I did not know that SkyRush at Hersheypark is technically know by the company as a "Wing Coaster" with "Half-Wing-Train" designs.  Amusement park nerd alert!

Maybe even more interesting is the top of the reference list which shows rides not yet announced but that have contracts signed for.  Granted there are no hints as to where the rides will go, but it's fun to imagine where they will end up!

Happy browsing.