Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Look at Coasters, Rides and Slides Headed to The America Dream Theme + Water Park

© Precision Structural Engineering
A new batch of photos have been posted by Precision Structural Engineering, a company that is currently working on The America Dream, which reveal much of what is coming to the mega-mall's theme and water parks.  The project has been under development for years now, with many stops and starts, but appears to be on the right track toward completion.

The water area can be seen above, with slides centered around a large wave pool.  The water park will be themed to the characters of the DreamWorks movies, with the themes extending to each of the slide towers and other attractions.

© Precision Structural Engineering
The attractions, which all appear to be manufactured by Proslide, include a long water roller coaster that surrounds the border of nearly the entire park, with plenty of traditional roller coaster ups and downs.  There is a giant slide tower that has multiple levels of slides coming off it, including what look like some trap-door free fall slides, both body and tube slides, a long with a big mat-racing course.

Another slide complex in the back appears to feature some big "wow" slides, such as a Tornado, Tantrum and other hybrid slides.  There is also a children's area with mini-slides along with a water funhouse play area.

© Precision Structural Engineering
Even more interesting is this look at the amusement park, to be called Nickelodeon Universe.  This is our first real look at the park's layout and attraction lineup, assuming this holds to be true.

The main roller coasters at the park are a massive clone of Takabisha in Japan, which is a Gerstlauer EuroFighter that has both a vertical lift and launch.  Intertwined with that coaster is another Gerstlauer ride, a spinning roller coaster that will be the tallest and longest free spinning coaster when it opens.  The two rides will have a combined 14 vehicles that will be running around the tracks.

The park's map also mentions a family suspended coaster, along with a "short loop coaster," whatever that may be.  Flat rides include a "spinning drop tower," Unicoaster, Sky Fly, Surf Rider, Air Race and Freestyle.  There are a large amount of family and kids rides as well, along with a dark ride and more.

I'm more excited than ever before for these parks to open, now that we've had a preview of what is in store!