Monday, February 27, 2017

Planning Documents Give a Closer Look at SeaWorld San Diego's Electric Eel Coaster

© SeaWorld San Diego
The Orca Action Network blog has discovered a new set of planning documents that SeaWorld San Diego has used in seeking permission to build their new-for-2018 roller coaster, Electric Eel.

The park announced at the start of the year their intention to build the coaster as a part of their new Ocean Explorer themed area - which is 2017's main addition.  The coaster will be manufactured by Premier Rides, and will be one of their triple-launch Sky Rocket II models.

© SeaWorld San Diego
The planing document gives several visuals of Electric Eel and how it will appear in the park.  This image documents the color scheme of the ride - it will have bold, darker colors at the base of the coaster but lighter colors that better match the sky above 60 feet.

SeaWorld San Diego has a zoning plan that allows for tall rides (Electric Eel will be about 150 feet tall), in fact four of them are allowed from 100 feet to 160 feet tall.  They must, however, be at least 50% transparent when taller than 100 feet - Electric Eel is noted as being 85% transparent due to its minimal support and tracks.

The theme park plans to have Electric Eel, along with its various educational components, ready for a May, 2018 opening.