Friday, April 15, 2016

Scoot And Carol Present - Highlights of Dollywood's Festival of Nations and a quick peek at Lightning Rod


This group makes the uke cool, they do covers of a wide variety of songs from classical to rap and almost everything in between. If you are  not cognizant of British humor, you will become a fan during the performance.

This unique ensemble plays a variety of world music, all arranged for the ukulele. Their professional musical talents on the ukulele, along with their hilarious antics, make this show unlike anything else. 

Hailing from locations around the United Kingdom, this group brings an all-new experience to Dollywood's Festival of Nations. Combining British comedy with the traditional Hawaiian instrument, The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra breaks down musical borders!

Enjoyed TUKUO so much, we saw the show twice and  purchased two of their CDs

David starts out explaining that he is not playing a barbecue grill, but rather a every unique drum called a  Hang. Hang is the local dialect for hand, which is what the drum is named after. He  is very passionate about the Hang and through hard work and creativity, he has managed to gain an international renown. 

David is a French musical performer, self-taught guitarist, percussionist, and vocalist. He is passionate about exploring new rhythms and melodies. In 2004, he discovered the Hang, a unique instrument with enchanting acoustics.  

The Hang was developed in the early 2000's by Swiss inventors Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer. The instrument quickly rose in popularity as fans appreciated the distinctive soft and warm harmonies it produce.

We hope you enjoy this short video of Dave playing one of his own compositions on the Hang Drums.

 Lightning Rod's heavily theme station has you entering through what appears to be a service station. But this is no ordinary service station. This is the home of a successful hot rodder!

Dollywood's Communications Guru Pete Owens took the to tell us a bit about their new coaster, Lightning Rod.

Lightning Rod launches you out of the station and up this massive lift hill at a speed of 40 miles per hour. The course takes you outside the parks boundaries and into the Smokey Mountains before you return to Jukebox Junction.

The final turn into the station will thrill both riders, and those guests waiting for them to return. Lightning Rod entertains both riders and those that, "I'll just watch" today. After all, someone has to take the pictures and hold onto the stuff.

And we finish up with the Dollywood anthem, performed in a unique way. Over the years, it has been great fun to enjoy different international takes on Rocky Top. This is the last weekend for Festival of Nations, and there is much more to enjoy. Our thanks to David, Wes, and Pete for their help.