Sunday, April 10, 2016

Enchanted Village Adds 2 New Rides in '16 + Separates Ride from Water Park

Change is in the air this year at Wild Waves Theme Park in Washington State, well actually that's not even the correct name to use any longer!  The one park has been officially split into Enchanted Village (the amusement park) and Wild Waves (the water park) for 2016.  The park originally started as Enchanted Village, with the Wild Waves water park being added next to it as the years passed.  The name was eventually changed to Wild Waves Theme Park by subsequent owners with both parks operating as one.

This year guests will still be able to buy a ticket to both parks for the same day, but during the months of July and August visitors can purchase a ticket that's only valid at the amusement park.  Season passes are valid at both parks all year long, and no single ticket just for Wild Waves water park will be sold.  Perhaps a bit complicated sounding, but I'm sure the park has a reason for the move.

In other news, Enchanted Village has stopped teasing their new additions for the year - revealing that two new rides will be built near the park's center lake.  One of the them a drop tower ride, from the photo above it appears as though one of S&S' Double Shot rides.  A classic Enterprise will also join the park's lineup of attractions this year.  I'm assuming that both rides are coming from other parks, though I'm not sure exactly which.

Enchanted Village is home to several roller coasters including Wild Thing, an Arrow loop and corkscrew, Klondike Gold Rusher, a wild mouse, and Timberhawk, a unique S&S designed wooden ride.