Monday, April 25, 2016

Rocky Mountain's Massive New Coaster in Sweden Making Progress

© Kolmarden
While we have been following the work on the handful of new for 2016 Rocky Mountain projects in the U.S., one very big ride by the company has been steadily rising in Sweden at Kolmarden.

Wildfire is one big ride: 181 feet tall, with an 83 degree, 161 foot first drop, 3 inversions and 4,265 feet of track.  The ride has been further developed since first being announced and is now utilizing steel support structure for the ride's initial lift hill, turn, and first drop (similar to Goliath at Six Flags Great America).  The image above shows the park installing these massive steel supports on top of the mountain that Wildfire calls home.

© Kolmarden
The coaster has many wooden supports already in place on the other sections of the ride; most of the layout twists on and around the side of the mountain.  It's probably one of the most picturesque coaster locations I've ever seen, to be honest.  We only check in on the ride every so often, so here's one of the more recent animations of Wildfire to show what it will offer:

Kolmarden is about as excited as they can be to open Wildfire, and have announced that the coaster will debut on June 18th.  Until then the park has been keeping the ride's website updated with information and videos, and their Instagram account gives nice construction shots as well.  This press release also features some updated concept art showing the steel supports on the lift and drop area.