Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Original Skull Mt. Queue Pics

I was going through some old stuff recently and found these pictures I took back in 1996 when Skull Mountain opened at Six Flags Great Adventure.

When the ride first opened it had an elaborately themed queue that wound around to the back left of the ride along the lake. It was removed a few years later for a Chinese food restaurant.

They had lots of tribal looking huts and even a huge pot that things (people?) were cooked in.

Along with the huts were explorer type tents. I don't know if there was a cohesive story for the queue, but it obviously was a natvies/explorer type deal.

There was a cool crashed jeep in the queue that you passed as well, and the area was blocked off from the rest of the park with the tall timber fence they created.

Again with the explorer theme with this excavation site. The queue was really pretty cool, it's too bad that it was all removed.

Anyway know if any of this stuff was ever reused anywhere - whether at Great Adventure or another park?