Thursday, December 20, 2007

Voodoo Webcam Thoughts

It's sorta hard to see a lot of good stuff on the Voodoo webcam, but if you notice the marks that you can see in the red box above - it looks to me like that's the path of footers for the ride being created.

In this case, the snow actually made that visible. I was wondering if the ride would be angled at all, but it appears as though it will be pretty aligned with the entrance road and midway. Personally, I can see the queue going in the area of the former basketball game and such, with the entrance still up by where the entrance for Skyscraper was.

From the looks of all this, the Zephry will be able to run pretty much the way it did, perhaps curving in toward Laser further back, but no big deal. Just guesses, though!