Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm + Nickelodeon?

Is the above the future of Knott's Berry Farm? I'm not sure, but it looks like it may be, at least to some degree. And before anyone thinks otherwise, I made that logo - it's not real.

According to this thread at the Westcoaster community boards, Knott's season pass mailer features photos of traditional rides and attractions at the park, as well as Spongebob, Dora, and Blue along side of Snoopy, as well as a photo of the Nickelodeon Parade that was at the former Paramount Parks.

Now, even the poster of the news points out that Knott's includes pass options for California's Great America as well, so perhaps that's why the images are shown - but maybe not.

What do I think of this? Good move, slower than I'd have liked, but good move. I can see Cedar Point allowing Kings Island to have the Nickelodeon characters and Snoopy only at the Point - but many of the other parks are ripe for the addition of these characters.

Dorney, Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair!, even Michigan's Adventure - all could benefit from the addition of these properties. Even if they don't make a huge cut on the merchandise they sell on this stuff (Nick gets a rather big cut) - the characters are too popular and too familiar to the kids of the families these parks needs to attract to ignore the opportunity.

My point? Cedar Fair needs to suck it up, pay the licensing fee and add these characters to the legacy parks.