Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Herschend Expands Properties

Herschend Family Entertainment has purchased controlling interest in two Aquariums - Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ, and Newport Aquarium, Newport, KY.

The previous operators will continue to have minority interests in both properties.

Herschend is really expanding lately. They're smart about it though - they're not just grabbing amusement parks, but all sorts of stuff like these Aquariums, parks, water parks, show boats, dinner theaters, and more.

That diversification will serve them well in the future. Plus it'll be harder for them to blame the "weather" when they get too big like Cedar Fair and Six Flags. Haha, sad but true.


Ryan said...

I'm happy that Hershcend keeps expanding like that. They seem to realize that amusement parks aren't the only game in town, and diversification is key. Makes me wonder if they plan to expand their other ventures to the areas where they just acquired (as they did in Branson and Pigeon Forge).