Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Steel Force Construction Diary #4

Back to the construction of Steel Force. When we left off the ride had just topped out. Now things really start to pick up.

Here we are on March 29th, 1997. As you can see they moved along quickly and have the entire lift hill and drop tracked. You can also make out that some of the bunny hills on the return run have been tracked. Thunderhawk's sign is also totally ripped down now, sadly.

This is where they painted the track and supports after they arrived at the park. You could see the paint on the ground up there the entire season after the ride opened!

This shot is from the very start of April, 1997. You can see that the supports for the second hill have been completed. Also, say hi to Hercules.

And here we have a shot of the newly tracked bunny hills. You can see where they stopped placing track at the bottom of the first drop. If I remember correctly, they had some issues with water while digging and pouring cement for the tunnel down there. Obviously it eventually was completed, but it gave them some problems for a while.

Next time we start both the station area and the turnaround!