Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Riverside Park 1995 a.k.a. Six Flags New England

I always wanted to (and still have not had the chance to) visit Riverside Park in Agawam, MA - or as we now call it - Six Flags New England.

These days the reason to go is (IMO) Superman and the very large and modern water park, but back in the day this was another little park that did well on its own. I figured why not take a look at it just before the super-mega-branded park set in.

The park had a planner that they sent me and I used to pour over it. I have family near the park and it always killed me to visit them but never visit the park.

Here is the map that is contained in the planner. Click for a bigger version for some detail. As you can see, there was no Superman, no Batman, no DC Comics area, no Blizzard River... really the park has a horrible lack of comic book characters! Also note that the speedway was still there and in use. This was a big draw for the park back in the day ... much like Dorney Park's speedway.

And look! They even had a Halloween event named the same as what Six Flags uses now! Is that Elvira and Beetlejuice in the picture? I always thought it was cool that they had an event like this long before all the big parks had them.

It's nice to remember parks like these before their mega expansions.