Thursday, January 25, 2007

Poor Little (Six Flags) Darien Lake

I've been to Darien Lake. It's not a bad park, it's just been mistreated by Six Flags like so many. And everyone knows how good Superman is. It's just sort of a confused property these days. I'm sure the new owners will work on removing that confusion, however. Here's a vacation guide-thing from 1995:

Look at the non-corporate photos!

Predator reminded me of Hercules ... that's not a good thing. I always thought it was such a pretty ride though, on the lake like that.

Viper was fun. Honestly, maybe I hit my head a few times but there's something about a big old Arrow looper that put a smile on your face. Also, the view from that ferris wheel is amazing.

I never saw this, I went years after it was gone. It always interested me. I'd love to know details of the show, and how it was. And who doesn't love beer sponsorship?

I wish Darien Lake well, really I do. I think it's a good park and hope the new owners take care of it and grow it back into what it used to be.


Anonymous said...

The new owners have made a step in the right direction 2007 seemd to be a succesful season and as far as the laserlight reality goes it isn't gone completely there is still a laser light show it changes every year but last i knew was still sponsord by bud light.