Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Family Sized Gravity Group Wooden Coaster Opening in France in 2018

© The Gravity Group
A brand new wooden roller coaster, designed by The Gravity Group, will premier next season at Parc Saint Paul, located in Picardie, France.  The coaster, named Wood Express, will be aimed at the park's family visitors, though big enough to deliver plenty of thrills.  The Gravity Group is finding a streak of success with rides of this size, as Wood Express is the second that has been announced for '18 after Oscar's Wacky Taxi at Sesame Place.

Wood Express will start with a lift up to 49 feet in the air, followed right away by a 48 foot straight drop down at 57 degrees.  The coaster's maximum speed will be 38 miles per hour.

© The Gravity Group
The rest of the 1,572 foot layout includes many air-time hills, in fact the park is advertising 13 total moments of air throughout the course.  This aerial layout shows all the ride has to offer, which also includes crossing over itself several times.  The ride will feature steel supports with traditional wooden coaster track.

The tight turns and hills of Wood Express will be expertly handled by one Timberliner train seating a total of 12 riders.

This below video gives a virtual spin on Wood Express: