Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Universal Orlando's Future Expansion Possibilities Expanded by 101 More Acres

The present of the Universal Orlando resort is arguably already quite bright, and its future is continuing to look ever brighter with each move they make.  The resort purchased about 475 acres of land at the end of 2015, which is located just minutes from its current parks and resorts.  Zoning on that land has already taken place, with hints at all sorts of new theme park, hotel, shopping and entertainment areas laid out.

Now, to make that potential expansion even sweeter they've picked up another 101 acres of land, adjacent to those 475 acres they picked up before.

© The Orlando Sentinel
This map, from the Orlando Sentinel, shows the new land that was just closed on (for $27.5 million) which sits directly next to the large 340 acre block of land they already owned.  It also gives them access from Sand Lake Road to enter the development, if they choose.  The purchases have also resulted in many other smaller blocks of land, 20 acres here and 20 acres there.  In all, the massive 575 acre site gives nearly endless possibilities and is larger than the current resort in its entirety.

Plus, with Wet 'n Wild now totally demolished and plans for Lowes' largest investment yet in Universal Orlando nearly ready to be announced, there will be even more activity in the near future.  The major expansion will be years and years off, but it's fun to watch things slowly come together!