Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rocky Mountain Construction Offers a Look at Twisted Timbers' Progress

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Due to its somewhat secluded location at Kings Dominion, we haven't seen a ton of great update photos of Twisted Timbers since it was announced at the end of the summer.  Thankfully, Rocky Mountain Construction has taken to social media and given us some new photos to drool over.

This first photo shows the ride's lift hill extending up on the upper left of the image, and two of the ride's bunny hills in the foreground.  The lift hill already has track applied, but the hills do not yet - but if you look close you can see that the supports are complete with the exception of the track, so that should go on soon!

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Moving a little further into the middle of the coaster, here we see some twisted trick-track that banks to the right, then suddenly the left while completing a small air-time hop.  In total Twisted Timbers will have 20 different moments of air-time along with three inversions when it opens next spring.

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Here is a close up view of the ride's first large air-time hill, which can be found after the fast 180 degree turn that happens just after the barrel-roll first drop.  Looking at both the size and curve of this hill makes me think there will be some serious air-time to be had at this moment!  The trains will still be moving quite fast when they travel over this hill.

Hopefully as more track is applied to the structure we get even more photos... it looks like there will be plenty to see in the near future!