Monday, October 30, 2017

Upstop Media Shares Incredible Aerial Photos of Steel Vengeance

If you're excited for Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point, and let's face it we all are, then these new aerial photos that were shared by Upstop Media are a perfect cure for the Monday blues:

© Upstop Media
How beautiful is this coaster?!  Steel Vengeance is now complete in terms of track placement, with that milestone reached well before the park closed for the season.

The photos, there are six in total, show the massive hyper hybrid coaster standing among the colorful fall trees, with the beautiful blue of lake Erie behind it.  Different angles provide the ability to trace much of the ride's layout, at least until it disappears into the structure for the final lap around.

Visitors to Lighthouse Point have long had a stellar view of Mean Streak from both the cabins, cottages and RV spaces... but come 2018 they'll really have an unparalleled view.  Talk about being able to sleep right across from one of the largest coasters on the planet!

Now that Cedar Point is closed for the season, we will have to be sure to stay tuned to the park's website for the coaster for additional updates.  Hopefully we get news of test runs commencing before the harshest part of winter sets in.

And while you're looking for something to pass the days of the off season, stop by Upstop Media's YouTube channel for additional high-quality coaster videos.