Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Alton Towers' Secret Weapon 8 - New Wooden Coaster - Progress Update

Summer has turned to fall, and while the leaves on the trees of Alton Towers are changing colors the park is also quickly finishing up work on a new wooden roller coaster for 2018.

The ride has not been formally announced yet, but is known to be a thrilling family coaster built by Great Coasters International, replacing the park's already-removed log flume.  It will have some interesting elements, which aren't immediately noticeable in this layout the park submitted during the planning process:

© Alton Towers
However, if you check out this new update from TowersTimes, you can see that the vast majority of the wooden coaster is already standing. 

The lift hill is quite interesting, as it starts at a steep angle, heads up a couple stories, then moves on to a less steep incline for the rest of the way.  This may have to do with a quieter lift system that is needed to keep the neighbors happy, but that is not confirmed yet.  Right after that is a turn followed by a small dip along the hillside, then back up and into what looks like the coaster's largest drop - all of that section will be in a tunnel, too. 

The unique layout then starts to twist around itself in a number of fast paced turns, including some that swirl around and through a giant theming structure, which is going up on site but not totally revealed yet.

The coaster appears to use its theme throughout the ride, when you consider some other details that TowersTimes has picked up on as well.  I'm looking forward to seeing the name and details of the ride... hopefully soon!