Saturday, October 28, 2017

Three New Concept Parks Announced for Chinese Six Flags Development + New Art for Zhejiang

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation has announced that they have reached deals for three additional Six Flags branded theme parks to open in China, adjacent to already announced projects.

The new parks will be built in conjunction with Riverside Investment Group, the company that is currently building both Six Flags Zhejiang and Six Flags Chongqing.

The newly announced parks will be new concepts - named Six Flags Kids World and Six Flags Adventure Park.  One of each of these will be built at Six Flags Chongqing, while just the Six Flags Kids World will open at Six Flags Zhejiang.  All three new parks are expected to open in 2020.

Six Flags Adventure Park will be aimed at active adventure enthusiasts, providing "the ultimate in high adrenaline, action-packed thrills.  From motocross bicycle races along rugged terrain, to whitewater rafting to zip lining or rock climbing hundreds of feet above the ground, guests will have the opportunity to reach beyond their comfort zone and safely push the boundaries of self-discovery in a beautiful, natural environment."  The park sounds like it won't feature any rides, but instead all active extreme sport style entertainment, so this is definitely unlike anything Six Flags has put its name on before.

The second new concept is Six Flags Kids World, which not surprisingly will "feature junior-sized versions of the company’s world famous, recording-breaking roller coasters, rides and attractions. Families with young children will enjoy meeting and interacting with some of their favorite characters. Brightly-themed restaurants will offer kid-friendly menu options and retail shops will feature a wide selection of apparel, toys and souvenirs."

© Riverside Investment Group
While on the subject of the Chinese Six Flags parks, I also noticed on Riverside's website, which translates very poorly, they did a recent update on the Zhejiang park with some new concept art - clearly showing an Intamin accelerator coaster above.

© Riverside Investment Group
There is also this concept art for Six Flags Zhejiang, which gives a look at some of the planned rides.  Click for a larger image, but you can see the Intamin accelerator more clearly, along with many other coasters that are harder to identify.  It will be interesting to see just how tall the Intamin rides turns out to be.