Saturday, October 21, 2017

First Theme Park Hunger Games Area Now Open at Motiongate Dubai

The first ever theme park land based on The Hunger Games series has officially opened at Motiongate Dubai, a part of Dubai Parks & Resorts.  The above clip was released before the grand opening, but shows some of the area's two main attractions in operation.  Although the Hunger Games movies have already come and gone, the popularity around the franchise has many fans excited to see what Motiongate has created.

© Motiongate Dubai
The Hunger Games themed section is actually a subsection of the Lionsgate area, although the only operating attraction in that part of the park until now was a Step Up themed dance show.  The expansion features many icons from the series of Hunger Game films, several of which can be seen above and below in photos.

© Motiongate Dubai
There are two major attractions that just opened in The Hunger Games area, the first is a 4-D simulator style ride named Panem Aerial Tour.  Riders board a hovercraft that takes them on an exhilarating aerial tour of Panem which of course has plenty of surprises along the way, including interactions with the Capital's troops.

© Motiongate Dubai
The ride that many of our readers will be most interested in is the Capital Bullet Train, a launched roller coaster designed by Mack Rides.  I haven't found a lot of statistics for the coaster, but it looks to utilize boyj forward and backward launches to get up momentum to soar through the course.  From this photo, it appears as though the train probably launches forward up part way into the vertical loop, then backward up the spike, then forwards again through the full layout.  It looks like in addition to the vertical loop there is also a corkscrew in the mix.

The coaster has a compact layout but the use of multiple launches gives the attraction a marketability as a "thrill ride" that Motiongate Dubai has needed since it opened.