Monday, October 2, 2017

Steel Vengeance's First Drop is a Sight to Behold

© Cedar Point
Just a few days ago Cedar Point topped out Steel Vengeance, and while they have that extra-tall crane on site the park made quick work of the ride's 200 foot first drop.

Seen above is a capture from the park's live video cams, showing the now completed first drop.  I'll pause a moment to let that image sink it.


The drop plunges down to a true 90 degrees and looks like it will provide some stunning air-time on the way down.  At the base of the drop the trains will be roaring along at 74 miles per hour, making it one of the park's top 5 fastest roller coasters.  That's significant when you consider the stellar line up of rides that Cedar Point offers its guests.

One more view of the newly completed drop also emerged today, from the park's Tony Clark on Twitter.  Taken from the bottom of the drop looking up at the top of the 205 foot ride, you can really get a feel for how much of the track plunges down at 90 degrees.

Earlier the park said that really only the top of the lift and first drop were left to be placed, so one could guess that now Steel Vengeance's layout is complete.  So our next milestone to look forward to is testing!