Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vanish Point Slide Tower to Drop into Adventure Island in 2018

© Adventure Island
Located just around the corner from Busch Gardens Tampa, Adventure Island water park has announced Vanish Point as the park's new for 2018 slide tower.

Consisting of three new body slides, two of them will feature trap door drops to start the adventure in a high-intensity manner.

The attractions are being added to the existing slide tower that contains the departure point for Colossal Curl, the park's most recent addition.

© Adventure Island
This clip from a video the park shared on Facebook shows how the new slides will be laid out on the existing tower.  Two of the slides, featuring red and green colors, will start with a trap door free fall drop into the slide chute.  Sliding downward, riders will encounter flat 360 degree loops before splashing on the run out trough.

The third slide, seen in blue, will still have a fast descent, though it starts with a traditional departure instead of a trap door drop.

The slides all start from 70 feet in the air and extend a total length of 425 feet each.  There will be around 1,000 gallons of water rushing down the slides each minute, so the experience is sure to be fast but thrilling.

Read more on the all new Vanish Point slides on Adventure Island's website.