Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cedar Point Announces Several Changes Both Inside and Outside the Park for 2018

Today Cedar Point announced several changes, two of which are removals and one of which is an addition to the property.  None of them are ride related, but all three look to be major steps the resort is taking to grow even further in the future.

The news was shared by the park via their official blog.

First, the expanded boardwalk we heard about over the weekend was confirmed again.  As described by the park's Tony Clark, the new boardwalk "will provide some great direct access to the famous Cedar Point Beach, our waterfront activities like parasail and jet ski, and of course, Cedar Point Shores Waterpark. You'll finally be able to take a stroll and enjoy the one-of-a-kind waterfront views."

© Google Maps
Secondly, the Extreme Sports Stadium, seen above with blue roofing, will be removed over the winter.  The stadium was originally home to dolphin shows but for many years has been the performance venue for All Wheels Extreme, an extreme sports show.

The stadium's large cement appearance blocks the view of the beach, which Cedar Point has been working to open up in recent years.  It will also help with the development of the new boardwalk, which currently ends at WindSeeker, seen on the left in the image above.

There were no replacement plans for the stadium revealed, only that it will be removed.

© Google Maps
Lastly, the largest change is the announcement that Sandcastle Suites, a hotel located on the Northern edge of the peninsula, has now closed forever and will be razed this winter.  The Breakwater Cafe, located just next to it, will also be demolished.

According to PointBuzz, Sandcastle Suites opened in 1990 and was expanded in 1992, and Breakwater Cafe opened in 1991.  The hotel featured all suite rooms, perfect for families, but had not been updated much over the years and was showing signs of that.

No replacement for the area was revealed, but when you look at the land that Sandcastle Suites covered in the above image, the park has a nice space to work with.  Perhaps a brand new hotel will rise in its spot, or the adjacent Lighthouse Point cabins and RV resort could easily expand onto the site.

Cedar Point was sure to point out that all these changes are being done to allow for "future development at the park," something we all love!  Plus, Steel Vengeance opens next year - enough said!