Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Racing Water Slide Opening at Silverwood Theme Park in 2016

Silverwood Theme Park has announced a major new water slide for its Boulder Beach Waterpark, set to debut in 2016.

The slide will be of the mat racing variety, featuring six independent paths for racers to head down.  Fabricated by WhiteWater, the slide begins from a height of nearly 60 feet above the ground.  Riders will lay head first on a water toboggan mat and start by entering a giant horizontal loop of enclosed slide.  After that section is complete a series of downward hills will see riders race one another to the finish line.  Each of the six paths will stretch 406 feet in length.

© Silverwood Theme Park
This schematic shows the ride's over head and side views, and also lets us see what might be the attraction's final color scheme.  Around 900 riders per hour will be able to speed down the slide at a maximum of 30 miles per hour.

One item that hasn't been mentioned yet is the slide's name, and that's because Silverwood and Boulder Beach are holding a naming contest for it, accepting entries at this site until November 11th.  The winner not only gets to brag to their friends, but also receives a season pass, gift basket and the chance to be one of the first sliders.