Sunday, October 25, 2015

Six Flags New England Begins Bizarro/Superman Transformation

Part of a larger expansion for the park's 2016 season, Six Flags New England previously announced the transformation of Bizarro back into Superman The Ride.

© Six Flags New England
For Six Flags New England's 2009 season the ride was 'overtaken' by Bizarro, an evil version of Superman and the ride was upgraded and renamed.  The track was painted a brilliant purple, on board audio was added to the trains, and scenic decorations were placed along the layout.  From the ride's opening in 2000 until the end of 2008 the coaster was known as Superman - Ride of Steel.

Now that Superman is back in charge, the theme park has taken an early start to transforming the ride back to its original red and blue, seen in the photo above released by the park.

The track is once again being painted red, and while the supports will still be blue I wouldn't be surprised to see them freshened up as well.  Additional changes to Superman The Ride when it reopens in 2016 will be superhero music throughout the course (though we are assuming NOT on-ride from the trains) and all new theming.  Really, no matter the name, theming or color this is one of the most highly regarded roller coasters on the planet!

Also as announced previously, the park will add the Fireball, a seven story tall looping thrill ride, in 2016.