Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Wraps Up Construction of New Intamin Coaster

© Ferrari World
Part of a large expansion that is changing the park's lineup of rides and attractions in a big way, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has built a large new Intamin designed roller coaster.

The park shared the above image on their Facebook page, which immediately shows off several of the ride's impressive features.  I suppose it's also worth mentioning that the ride does in fact have a name, and that's Flying Aces.

The design resembles some of what we saw used on Hersheypark's Skyrush, especially the steep lift and even more steep first drop with a bit of a turn at the bottom.  Much of the ride's track then stays relatively close to the ground during the rest.

© Ferrari World
However there is one large element that I purposely ignored above, and that's this very big non-inverting loop.  The bi-plane themed trains - which may or may not be winged like Skyrush - will head up into the loop only to turn upright at the top and then twist and dive back downward.  The element will also stand just over 170 feet tall, and is being advertised as the tallest loop in the world.  I'll avoid the debate over whether this is a true "loop" or not, and leave it at that.

We've seen the non-inverting loop on other coasters, by both Premier and Maurer Sohne for example, but the Intamin version has an shape that's different from them both.  From this angle the element resembles a giant heart shape, but really I think the difference is that the top portion is elongated once the track is horizontal at the top.

No doubt that Flying Aces has the potential to be as intense as Skyrush is known to be, so this is yet another one to watch in 2016.  Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is also building Mission Ferrari, one of Dynamic Attractions' highly anticipated SFX Coasters.