Saturday, October 24, 2015

More Details on Intamin's Impressive Flying Aces Coaster at Ferrari World

The Gulf News has done a wonderful piece on the addition of the Intamin-designed Flying Aces roller coaster to Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World theme park.

The story includes a video (embedded below) that has several great interviews, footage of the ride's construction, and best of all an animation of the ride.  The screen shot above shows nearly all of the ride's layout, and the little bit that is clipped off can be deciphered in other parts of the animation.  As expected, Flying Aces will have a fairly low-to-the-ground ride experience that should have the trains maintaining a crazy speed a la Skyrush at Hersheypark.

I know it is just an animation, but this image also does give credit to the thought that Flying Aces will not utilize winged style trains.  Here we can see the four across trains complete with plane theming on the front car - one might think that if they took the time to render that theming they'd have done winged trains if it was intended to have them.  Edit:  I'm referring to Flying Aces not having Furius Baco styled wing trains, not Skyrush wing style trains.  I believe Flying Aces' trains will be the same as Skyrush in that regard.

Here is an impressive look at the ride's non-inverting loop, billed as the tallest loop in the world at just over 170 feet tall.  Some other statistics about Flying Aces from the article:

• First lift of 63 meters, 206 feet
• Track length of 1.5 kilometers, 4,921 feet
• World record for steepest lift hill
• Top speed of 120 kilometers an hour, or 74.5 miles per hour
• Maximum g-force approaching 5gs
• Airplane hanger themed station in new Italian Street themed area

The new coaster is the first of five new attractions for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, though they are still keeping many details of the additional rides a secret.  They plan to open Flying Aces in January, though are hinting it might be a bit earlier.  This will be an exciting ride to see footage of once up and running, no doubt!

Here is the video from the new article, though make sure to read it as well for additional details: