Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rocky Mountain's Wildfire Construction Update + New POV Video

© Rocky Mountain Construction

When it was first announced in April of 2014 Kolamarden's Wildfire turned a lot of heads with its massive design that utilizes the hillside of the Swedish park.  Design by Rocky Mountain Construction, the wooden coaster was announced with a nearly 190 foot tall lift and an equally impressive 160 foot first drop.

The only bad part of the announcement was that the ride wouldn't open until 2016, nearly two years from that point.  Thankfully now we're already closing in on the end of '15, meaning that the ride has made much progress and is now under vertical construction.

Seen above in one of several photos released by Rocky Mountain, the first vertical structure is growing by the day.  I'm not totally familiar with the worksite as I haven't been to Sweden lately, or ever, but it looks like the start of the ride's second hill.

For those that need a refresher on Wildfire's layout and statistics, check out the original concept art and the like in this post we did.

Or, you can watch the brand new point of view video that the park has released, embedded below.  This is certainly one of the 2016 projects to keep an eye on as it progresses!