Monday, October 26, 2015

Tivoli Gardens Building Classic Ride with a Modern Twist in 2016

It has been revealed that visitors to the famous Tivoli Gardens, located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, will find a new expansion and world-first ride with options for the whole family in 2016.

© Huss
The main new attraction is named Fatamorgana and will be located in the Orient themed part of the Gardens.  The ride is an updated Condor, manufactured by Huss Rides.  Known as the Condor 2G (for 2nd generation), the attraction will tower 148 feet above the park, with the ride carriages reaching just over 98 feet.  The 50 foot height difference between riders and the top will feature custom theming.

© Huss
The Condor attraction utilizes four separate carriages that rise up the tower and spin in the opposite direction of the larger arm.  The motion created is like that of a Scrambler, although taking place at a great height above the park.  Since Fatamorgana is an upgraded 2G Condor version, two of the four arms will feature suspended seats facing outward in a ring (seen in a rendering by Huss above).  These will rotate quickly and make for a more extreme ride, while the traditional 'boat' seats will give a forward-facing, less intense more scenic ride.

© Huss
Tivoli Gardens is a park that always likes to add something for all members for the family, so along with the tower ride will be a set of mini-bumper cars located near the ride's base.

The entire Fatamorgana tower is being custom designed by Tivoli's team, with final renders of the distinctive theming to be released later.  The ride will accommodate 900 riders per hour and has a planned opening of April, 2016.

We haven't seen too many Huss rides going up lately, at least in North America, so it is nice to see a modern version of one of the company's classic rides being built.