Sunday, October 4, 2015

Islands of Adventure's Hulk Track Coming Down as Part of Major Refurb

© Islands of Adventure
Ever since the nearly year-long closure of The Incredible Hulk coaster was announced I've been wondering just how extensive the refurbishment would be.  Turns out very extensive.

The park has slowly started disassembling the famous green roller coaster, literally pulling the track down and hauling it off park premises.  For now at least it appears as though the supports are staying in place.

For anyone wondering if the track might just be going off site to be painted, tested, etc., well it's already shown up in a local recycling plant.  The ride's trains can also be clearly seen on that trash heap, so we can safely assume that the new Hulk will have updated rolling stock.

Few operating coasters that I'm aware of have ever had a full track replacement, only a couple Disney rides come to mind right away.  The stress of year-round operations does wear them out faster I suppose, but it also makes sense to think in the Hulk's case that new track might be necessary to handle updated trains.  We've seen B&M put out new trains with vest-like restraints, but I believe the trains are a bit wider on those models.  Perhaps they will be coming to the Hulk as a benefit of the track replacement?

Either way it's going to start to look quite weird in Islands of Adventure when they remove the track from the first drop, cobra roll and loop!