Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - A Ghoulish Evening At The Kings Island Haunt!

The Fall season is upon us and Kings Island's Haunt 2015 is now in full swing, 

On opening night construction of the front entrance mansion had not been completed.

Photo courtesy of Kings Island
And..this is what it looked like on our next visit!

But, the creatures of the night were ready ....

for a howling good time!

And as the guests eagerly entered the turnstiles, they were ready too! Or maybe they moved quickly because of fear itself.

After the Sun went down the Eiffel Tower took on a rather Beastly look!

As did the Beast's station, with the park open late, plenty of classic nights were available.

Some familiar haunted houses returned, like Slaughterhouse located out back of the Beast, the Slaughterhouse butchers are looking for a fresh cut of meat and the butcher shop is open so you never know who – or what – is on the chopping block. It’s a real meat-lovers delight!

Beware! At Urgent Care a  deadly virus has broken out and has been spreading fast from patient-to-patientl. If the virus doesn’t kill you, your own fears will!

The moon is full and there’s something howling in the woods. It's on the hunt and after you, It's hungry like a Wolf! Featuring some of the best props, beware of the werewolves, because they're hunting for you!

A new department store has opened in the neighborhood that has everything you need with killer deals in every aisle. Shop 'til you drop...dead. All of your visions of Black Friday gone bad, very bad.

Rest in Peace Club Blood, as memorialized with this tombstone. No more "blood shots," the rave has moved elsewhere. It was replaced with...

Do you dread that something catastrophic is about to happen? Does the fear of the dark unknown terrify you? What would you do if the lights went out, totally out? Find out in Blackout -- a brand new haunted experience for 2015! Find your way in total darkness, and remember to always keep your right hand on the wall! 

The pulsating power of this rapturous band of misfit drummers will mesmerize and energize you in this percussive blood bath of rhythm and music. Everything's an instrument in this steam punk rock stomp! Here's a little taste of their performance:

Thanks to Don and the rest of the Kings island team for their assistance with this feature. Scare on!