Thursday, October 8, 2015

Unique New Plants Vs. Zombies 3-D Attraction Opening at Carowinds in 2016

Having already announced new live entertainment, a Starbucks and an enormous new water park named Carolina Harbor, Carowinds has revealed the icing on its 2016 cake: Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena.

The innovative new attraction is being created in partnership with both Electronic Arts and PopCap Games, who created the popular Plants Vs. Zombies franchise of games.  The attraction is being dubbed as the first "intra-active 3-D game experience," and will take place in the park's soon-to-be highly renovated and rethemed Action Theater.

Rider perspective of the 3Z Arena
For those not familiar, in Plants Vs. Zombies a battle for suburbia takes place between the two foes, in a shooter style game.  At Carowinds, the new ride will feature new "characters including Super Brainz, a zombie super hero who thinks he's an 80's action movie star, and Citron, a bounty-hunting orange from the future."  The ride will premier as a sequel to the first game is released next Spring.

The 3Z Arena is the home of the attraction, and it will feature two large screens (one for each team), each with several rows of motion-based seats in front of them.  The ride is "inter-active" because each team is able to interact with their opposition's screen.

Aerial view of the new 3Z Arena
Once on their motion-based seat, riders will be able to take in the "3-D technology, massive screens, surround sound" and other special effects as they shoot the action playing out on the screen during a five minute battle.  Riders will be able to score points as they use their blasters, and track their scores as well.  The nearly 3,600 square foot arena will have 68 motion-based seats that will allow for around 600 to 700 people per hour.

The theme design for the motion-based seats.
“Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena is another example of how Carowinds is committed to bringing unique and innovative experiences that the entire family can enjoy together,” said Mike Fehnel, Carowinds Vice President and General Manager. “This wildly popular brand has such a universal appeal and aligns perfectly with our promise to deliver the best day experience ever.”

Theming to be applied outside the Arena
Once the attraction is complete, and the winning team declared, visitors can purchase Plants Vs. Zombies merchandise in a new retail store adjacent to the ride.

This addition marks the second new game-themed attraction to open at a Cedar Fair park next year, both taking advantage of parks' older 3-D theaters.  The smart licensing that has been employed will resonate with a new generation of gamers while giving the whole family - regardless of how familiar they are with the games - an exciting ride.