Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cedar Point Making Quick Work on Valravn

© Cedar Point
The world's tallest, fastest and longest B&M Dive coaster is quickly taking shape at Cedar Point.  The park has been steadily updating their construction photos on the Valravn mini-site, available here.  Soon after the official announcement of the ride the park began clearing the work site and placing footers, and then the massive track pieces began to arrive.  Above is a photo from Cedar Point of one section of track with the supports seen in the background; the color scheme is unique and will be striking once complete.

© Cedar Point
More recently, Valravn actually went vertical at the park which marks the next big phase of work.  Granted the sections that are up are for the transfer/station area, so not very tall or twisted yet, but it's still nice to see the coaster's quick progress.  With only a handful of operating days left in Cedar Point's 2015 operating season, we will soon be pretty dependent on the park for photos of the ride.

Another place we will be checking out regularly this off-season is Cedar Point's live webcams, an image from one is above.  This view will show Valravn as it rises to 223 feet above the park - you can see the bit of track and supports that are in place up near the top of the image and plenty of huge footers being dug out elsewhere around the site.  When completed, the ride will feature a 214 foot vertical drop, 3,415 feet of track, 3 inversions and a top speed of 75 miles per hour.