Thursday, October 26, 2023

Big Bear Mountain a Standout Ride of the Season for Dollywood

© Dollywood
Of the class of 2023 new coasters in the U.S., Dollywood's Big Bear Mountain has stood out as one of the best.  Highly rated as a very thrilling family roller coaster by fans, the coaster has quickly cemented itself as a must-ride when visiting the famous theme park.  With bright orange track and forest green supports, the ride also features on-board audio to help riders follow along with their adventure to spot the elusive big bear.

The coaster itself has been created by Vekoma and is engineered to provide a butter smooth ride for passengers, and with the 39 inch height requirement that's even better news for families looking to take the kids on a comfortable but thrilling ride.

© Dollywood
Big Bear Mountain starts with a small launch out of the station immediately followed by a much stronger launch that really sends trains moving along.  They blast at 48 miles per hour to traverse most of Wildwood Grove - the track length is 3,990 which is quite long for a launched ride!  One of the highlights of the ride's layout is soaring under a cave and waterfall - seen above - and hearing big bear roar at you while in there!  The ride's layout is much more zippy that many expected, and features tons of curves and gentle hills that make the ride feel even faster.

If you haven't been able to get to Dollywood to check out Big Bear Mountain, check out the video below for a virtual ride!


Matt said...

Fun ride but the area looks like barren garbage. They need to plan a ton of trees asap. I still can’t believe they clear cut that land. The ride also lacks theming compared to most of Dollywood’s other coasters. Kind of disappointing.