Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Holiday World Retires River Rapids Ride - Will It Be a Trend?

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Earlier this summer Holiday World announced that the park's river rapids ride, Raging Rapids, had been permanently retired and would no longer be taking visitors on a trip through Boulder Canyon.  The attraction originally opened in 1990, meaning it cooled off guests to the park for more than three decades.

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The loss of the ride may not be the saddest attraction retirement we've seen lately, but it does make me wonder if the days of the river rapids rides are numbered.  There haven't been an overwhelming amount of them closed recently, just a handful really, but you have to wonder if this is just the start.

© Holiday World
The rides are known for having a substantial operating budget (including labor) and definitely take up a lot of real estate, something that can be an issue for parks.  For the number of people who ride these in an hour, and only for a limited part of the season (most places), using up all that space can be a tough pill to swallow I would think. 

But back to Holiday World.  It definitely sounds like the park is planning something with the Raging Rapids spot:  "While this may feel like an ending, it’s just the beginning. We intend to return the sound of laughter to Boulder Canyon as soon as we possibly can."


The park's new coaster for 2024 isn't using any of this space, so it sounds like something else is already being planned for the park.  Perhaps a new version of the ride, like Silver Dollar City did with Mystic River Falls?  As always, time will tell.