Monday, September 18, 2023

Catching Up on Canada's Wonderland's 2023 Additions

© Canada's Wonderland
One of several things I wanted to take a look at before we roll into the next year, Canada's Wonderland's 2023 additions have impressed for several reasons.  The park made big additions for both families and thrill seekers when they opened Tundra Twister and Snoopy's Racing Railway this year.  Each is unique to the park (and one of them to the world) in several ways, and both turned out quite impressive when complted.

Tundra Twister, seen up top, continues Canada's Wonderland's dominance in flat rides offering a selection of modern thrillers most parks would be envious of.  This prototype ride from Monday is absolutely huge, about 155 feet tall at the peak of the rotation.  The ride' cars spin independently and invert due to the forces created by the ride, meaning no two rides are the same.  This is one that I'd be quite happy to watch but might have aged out of riding!  Check out this video to see what I mean.

© Canada's Wonderland
The second addition this year was Snoopy's Racing Railway, a launched family roller coaster designed by ART Engineering.  The ride features a layout that gives family-level-of-thrills to passengers as Snoopy races to avoid traps set by Woodstock and his bad seed gang.  The premise is cute but the finished product has a considerable amount of theming for a Cedar Fair park - which is great!  You can see some of that theming in the below video from the park, and also note that the coaster goes around the layout twice to give a longer ride experience for guests.  This attraction is one that would fit nicely at several other Cedar Fair parks if cloning is a possibility!


Next year the property is focusing again on their waterpark with the recent announcement of Moosehorn Falls, a large family water slide.