Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Legoland Florida Opens New Pirate River Quest Attraction

© Legoland Florida
Legoland Florida has opened their new family boat adventure, named Pirate River Quest, to eager visitors.  The attraction is very unique in that the park has utilized the existing canals that flow through the park's beautiful grounds to create a pirate themed journey through Cypress Gardens.  The adventure features many larger-than-life Lego creations along the way, with guests joining "a rowdy crew of Lego pirates on Captain’s orders to explore the murky waters and retrieve the lost treasure, stolen by a troop of mischievous monkeys."  It's always monkeys, isn't it?


© Legoland Florida
The canals that flow through Cypress Gardens (yes, the park before Legoland Florida was indeed called Cypress Gardens) were already gorgeous but now have the added quirky cuteness that comes with Lego characters and themes.  Above is one section of the journey where the boats are nearly attacked by some giant octopus tentacles.

© Legoland Florida
Legoland Florida has been on a continued expansion path over the last decade, with new rides and attractions consistently debuting for visitors.  In the competitive Florida market this is necessary, but the resort has also added new themed hotels and even the country's first Peppa Pig themed kids park.

You can see a video preview of some of the fun found on Pirate River Quest at this link in a promotional video from the park.