Sunday, May 15, 2022

Pirates of Speelunker Cave Opens at Six Flags Over Texas

© Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas celebrated this weekend by opening their all new dark ride attraction, Pirates of Speelunker Cave to excited guests.  The attraction is a heavy renovation of the ride that was known as Yosemite Sam and the Gold River Adventure, and is a tribute and retelling of the original attraction in that spot - The Cave.

© Six Flags Over Texas
The Cave featured "speelunkers" characters which were a part of the original storyline, and they have made their triumphant return in the modern attraction - but with pirates, too!  The ride utilizes many  special effects in addition to traditional sets to tell the ride's storyline plus it features an original soundtrack.  Riders board a six passenger boat as they set sail into the Speelunker Cave, and pass through an impressive total of 17 scenes before the journey is over.  As a nod to the ride's original opening in 1964 the park has filled the path with 64 Speelunker characters... a fun quest would be to try to find them all!

If you're interested in taking a virtual spin into the Pirates of Speelunker Cave, Six Flags Over Texas has you covered.  Just click this link and check out a brand new point of view video of the ride!