Thursday, May 12, 2022

Darien Lake's Predator Receives New GCI Steel Titan Track

© Darien Lake
Darien Lake, err Six Flags Darien Lake, has spilled the beans that their wooden roller coaster, Predator, has received an undisclosed amount of Great Coasters International's new steel Titan Track.  Technically the park didn't say much more than some eye balls and the above photo, but we get the idea and this is definitely Great Coasters' new steel track in place.  The new steel track is aimed at smoothing out the ride experience on some older wooden coasters that have become a bit rough as they age.

Titan Track is advertised as being able to to support much more extreme elements, including inversions, on wooden coasters.  These include rides that Great Coasters created over the years but also ones they did not - like the Predator at Darien Lake.  That ride was built by Dinn Corp. and opened in 1990.  The Titan Track also contains no welds, so it requires less maintenance and also is fast and easy to install, so says Great Coasters.

© Great Coasters International
Great Coasters, who have partnered with Skyline Attractions on the Titan Track, first installed a section of the track on White Lightning at FunSpot in Orlando, as a kind of proof of concept, back in 2019.  There was a lot of interest in the product but then as we well know the amusement industry kinda stopped for 2 years due to the pandemic, and now things are moving again.  There's another unannounced wooden coaster expected to get Titan Track this year, and these first steps could lead to parks having a choice - do they want to "RMC" their wooden coasters, or "Titan Track" them?