Sunday, March 6, 2022

Six Flags Great Adventure Announces the Return of Medusa + Tons of 2022 Changes

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Six Flags Great Adventure is giving visitors a number of reasons to be excited for the park's 2022 season.  They've announced a big line up of changes that will create the "largest array of improvements in the parks' nearly 50-year history, featuring robust enhancements to the guest experience including new dining, rides, events and animal experiences."

The changes will be taking place throughout the entire park, with even the main marquee that greets guests out front getting a total make over - concept art for that can be seen up top.  Other initiatives will include beautification and modernization throughout both the theme park and Wild Safari.  This includes "increased capacity and streamlined operations in rides, food service, and admissions; new theming and reintroduction of several popular rides for daredevils and junior thrill seekers; aesthetic and comfort enhancements in both parks; the debut of popular food brands and new dining options; a major summer event and more guest amenities."


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© Six Flags Great Adventure

One of the largest changes is the return of Medusa, which was once named Medusa but then changed to Bizarro and now will once more be named Medusa.  The B&M Floorless coaster first opened in 1999 and features 7 inversions.  The ride will return its "gold-rush era backstory" and will feature bright orange supports with green track.  The coaster's trains will also be updated as seen in these photos from the park.

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One of the theme park's largest children's area's will become Jr. Thrillseekers this year, completing a two year renovation of the entire section.  Jr. Thrillseekers will offer eight rides in total, including the Lil' Devil Coaster, which opened late last season.  Also in 2022 the Barnstormer ride will return into operation.  Jr. Thrillseekers will offer new shopping, dining and shaded seating to keep families comfortable.

That's not all though, not by a long stretch.  Here are other new items per the park's release for the 2022 season:


·         Single Rider Lines – To shorten wait times by filling in every available seat, single rider lines enable rides to operate with the maximum number of guests. This feature will be added to Jersey Devil Coaster, El Toro, Nitro and Medusa;
·         Q SMART Technology – To improve the guest experience through enhanced ride line speed and efficiency, Six Flags will transition its’ THE FLASH™ Pass Q-bot to mobile Q SMART technology. From the convenience of a mobile phone and the ease of an app, with the touch of a button guests will be able to maximize their time in the park, spending less time waiting in line and more time enjoying rides, dining, shopping, and entertainment;
·         Enhanced Mobile App – A new mobile app feature that allows guests to add their pass to their Google Pay Wallet or Apple Wallet will expedite the front gate experience and reduce wait time;
·         “Wow” Moments – In 2022, more emphasis will be placed on creating “Wow” moments through fun and memorable guest interactions, beautiful landscaping views, additional seating for relaxation, and a massive, new marquee on Rt. 537;
·         Restaurant Makeovers – Two of the park’s largest indoor restaurants, Yum Yum Café and Granny’s, will reopen with an entirely new interior look. New floors, décor, menu boards, and traffic flow will enhance the dining experience;
·         Fatburger® – Since 1952, Fatburger has been serving delicious, made-to-order food. Now with more than 200 locations worldwide, Fatburger will deliver hot and fresh treats like juicy burgers, creamy milkshakes, and crispy onion rings to guests in Adventure Alley;
·         New Dining Options – The park will expand its culinary options with freshly roasted rotisserie chicken added to the menu at Granny’s, freshly-brewed coffee creations at Sweet Treats, proudly serving Starbucks® and many additional high quality offerings;
·         Family Restroom – To better accommodate the needs of all guests, the theme park will introduce two new family restrooms to the Adventure Alley section;
Volta Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Compatible with all electric vehicles, units will be available in the theme park, water park and safari parking lots;
·         New Pavilions – The park’s high-tech, touchless security screening entry area and the popular Johnny Rocket’s outdoor dining patio will sport new wooden pavilion shade coverings;
·         Summer Vibes Festival – As sun-kissed dreams come to life, guests will drench themselves in a kaleidoscope of color at this new, summer festival, which will run July 16 to August 14. Mouth-watering treats, beat-the-heat beverages, bold, eye-popping spectacles, live entertainment, and colorful curiosities will immerse guests in the reverie of summer;
·         New Animal Adventures – The Wild Safari’s animal care team welcomes three new giraffe calves, a new male rhinoceros, and an array of spring babies. The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure will feature an entirely new audio tour guests can stream from any mobile device and an expanded, three-lane roadway with five newly paved miles;
·         New ‘Giraffe Encounter’ Safari VIP Tour – Great Adventure theme park will launch a new safari VIP experience, the Giraffe Encounter Tour. This off-road adventure on military-style, open-air trucks will feature an informative and engaging tour guide through seven sections of the Wild Safari and the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes at Wild Safari’s Camp Aventura. Tour guests can also meet small exotic animals up-close. Tour tickets may be purchased in advance or at the park; and
·         BATMAN™ The Ride – The epic, floorless, chairlift-style BATMAN The Ride will return with a bold, shiny coat of paint. This five-looping scream machine continues to rank as a fan favorite as it approaches its 30th birthday.

As you can see, the park really means it when they say this is the most changes they've ever done in one season!  The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure opens March 19 and Six Flags Great Adventure opens April 2, 2022.