Sunday, March 20, 2022

Cedar Fair and Family Entertainment Group Expand Partnership in 2022

© Cedar Fair
Cedar Fair and Family Entertainment Group (FEG) are expanding their partnership in 2022, with FEG taking on operating many of the chain's arcades, called game rooms by the company.  According to a press release from FEG, the partnership started back in 2004 when it began operating the game room at Castaway Bay.  In 2020 the company took over game room operations at Cedar Point and the Breakers hotel, which led to record performance in 2021.

© Family Entertainment Group
In 2022 FEG will operate the game rooms at Kings Island, Carowinds, Dorney Park, Michigan's Adventure and Worlds of Fun.  The rooms will be staffed by FEG and they plan to make major cosmetic changes and remodeling of the rooms at  the parks.  Together they will feature over "400 top earning games, merchandise and all new redemption areas."


Family Entertainment Group is already well positioned in the game industry, operating locations at many major indoor water park resorts, hotels, casinos and more.  They also operate their own owned locations such as In The Game and Bonkers, with locations around the country.  If that wasn't enough to keep them busy they also do game consulting, food operations, marketing and more.