Sunday, January 16, 2022

Wicked Twister Comes Down With A Bang

© Fox 8 News Cleveland
Cedar Point had already demolished the lower portions of Wicked Twister earlier in the winter, but this past week the taller parts started to come down - with a bang.  The park was kind enough to share video of one of the ride's spikes being pulled over, available at this link.  Also of note, the park appears to be planning to sell parts of the ride, but cautions fans that they have to wait until the "dust settles."

Fox 8 out of Cleveland was on site and got some great footage of the ride's tower being pulled over, check it out in this video:

Demolitions of roller coasters are certainly a sad thing to see, but quite interesting as well.  Few have been as epic as Son of Beast's lift hill coming down, but I digress.  Wicked Twister's remaining pieces will probably be cut up and taken down quickly, removing the ride from Cedar Point's skyline for good.

Everyone wants to know what's planned for the space the ride took up, and the area surrounding it.  We got only a few new clues from the park in the news stemming from the ride's demolition.  In the Fox 8 article Tony Clark says the redevelopment will contain "something for everyone."  When speaking about their plans in the video, he notes that fans should "expand your mind.  It might not be exactly what you think it is, or it might be."  Not much help there, but I think most realists expect a larger redevelopment of that midway with potentially new food, retail, open views of the lake, and perhaps a ride or two.